Diets for the Summer

Summer is a great opportunity to set out to weight loss and think about diets for the summer. Theoretically, you don’t feel like eating anything when it’s so hot outside. And the prospect of having to deal with the stove, creating multiple breakfast-lunch-dinner courses doesn’t sounds impressive at all.

“Meals” instead of “snacks”: how to avoid overeating

Constantly accelerating pace of life makes us look for simple and affordable ways to deal with stress, the most popular of which remains food. Stressful overeating is a bigger problem than is commonly believed. Simply because it’s much easier to “eat up” the work stress, than to try and get away from negative thoughts with the help…

Japanese diet

The Orient has always been distinguished by a wise attitude towards life, and its traditions were attracting by the profound meaning and striking harmony. Perhaps, this is the reason, why the Japanese diet is one of the most popular and favorite diet in an extremely diverse kaleidoscope of diets that are popular these days.

Losing weight quickly, gaining weight quickly

8 rules for a truly effective weight loss Spring increasingly insinuates that the hot season will arrive really really soon and it’s high time to take the dresses and light blouses out of the closet. And this is the point when almost each of us clutching at the head, convulsively probing the sides and googling “lose…

Reasons why you cannot lose weight

1. Lack of goal In order to achieve something, first it is necessary to set a goal and to formulate it clearly. Your goal may sound like this: “I am healthy and full of energy, my body is strong and flexible, my weight is … kg and I easily run a half marathon.”Now you should…

Atkins diet

Atkins diet is a low-carb diet, recommended for gradual weight loss. The foundation of this diet was developed in the 70s, by an American cardiologist, Robert Atkins.