Weight Loss Anoxine Am Therapy

Anoxine-AM – is indicated as a brand for Phentermine 15mg pills
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Manufacturer: Unknown
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Anoxine Am (generic name: Phentermine HCL) is usually prescribed in complex with other measures aimed at losing weight and restricts its further gain. This medication is used mainly by the patients who are overweight in the result of the medical condition, most frequently diabetes, heart problems and high blood pressure. The full effect of Anoxine Am is not studied yet, but the results of diverse investigations show that the outcomes are preferable anyway.

The treatment course helps to decrease the appetite and increase the energy amount used by the body to operate properly. The medication belongs to a group of sympathomimetic amines, being an appetite suppressant.

Recommendations for Use

Anoxine Am should be used as a part of the complex treatment course that consists of exercising, low-calorie diet and changing habits to boost positive results and maintain them. Before taking consult your healthcare provider and check if its intake is safe in your exact condition and will not produce any serious side effects.

Take Anoxine Am following all the doctor’s recommendations concerning the dosage, strength and periodicity of the drug use. Never change any settings on your own, as the medicine misuse or overuse can be dangerous for your health.

Take Anoxine Am orally once a day, an hour before or after breakfast. Swallow the whole pill; do not crash it, break or chew to eliminate possible side effects appearance.

Besides, do not take the medication longer than it was prescribed by your doctor; continue the treatment course during a few weeks, not more, as prolonged intake can also lead to severe reactions. Sudden and abrupt stop of Anoxine Am usage can cause withdrawal reactions, thus, consult your pharmacist to cancel the treatment correctly without any harm to the general health condition.

Side Effects

Taken right, the medication can cause only minor side effects that appear as a normal reaction of the organism to the components of the drug. However, if taken wrong, Anoxine can cause severe and nasty complications, such as constant headaches, convulsions, fatigue, slurred speech, blurred vision and its loss, weakness of one body side, etc.

Seek emergency medical help once you have noticed any of these side effects. Ignoring doctor’s recommendations you also risk receiving rare, though severe heart or lung problems that can be fatal.

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