Protein powder and Phentermine

People, who want to lose weight and keep muscle mass, can use protein powder together with Phentermine. Many people think that protein is used only in bodybuilding. However, protein shake can become one of the main elements of a balanced diet.

Extra protein used with Phentermine capsules helps to gain a slim figure and keep it for long time. Protein powder is a nutritional additive containing a large amount of protein. Proteins are essential elements of any diet. In the human body, proteins are on the second place after water, but they both are good sources of energy.

Not only protein powder, but also consumed food high in protein helps effectively reduce weight and herewith not to lose muscle mass.

Protein is the main building material of the human body cells. It helps to satisfy hunger and gives strength to muscles. Adhering to the protein diet, the weight loss process will occur not at the expense of muscle mass, but due to burning of internal fat.

Protein diet is safe and does not cause stress in the body. Therefore, such weight loss is comfortable and feeling of hunger is absent.

People taking Phentermine can include in their nutritional care such products as:

  • low-fat dairy products;
  • lean meat and fish;
  • nuts and seeds;
  • seafood;
  • eggs.

To lose body weight, nutritionists recommend to use 60-70% of protein, 30% of carbohydrates and 10-15% of fat every day. Given that the obese person does not always have the opportunity to eat in time because of the modern rhythm of life, protein powder can easily replace these foods.

60-70% of protein
30% of carbohydrates
10-15% of fat

Nutritional supplements containing protein provide patients with daily amount of proteins without overloading the digestive system. Protein shake made from powder is digested much faster than food. Herewith protein helps restore the growth of muscle tissue. During diet therapy with Phentermine, the person’s body needs some extra protein, especially after workouts.

Proteins can be added to Phentermine anti-obesity therapy at any age without harm to the body. Numerous studies have shown that protein dose recommended for use with Phentermine, could not disturb function of internal organs. Protein can only worsen health if people take it in renal insufficiency or protein intolerance.

Thus, if a person has protein tolerability and no kidney pathology, he can add some protein to Phentermine anti-obesity therapy. For sufficient weight loss, women are recommended to consume 100-140 g of protein powder along with Phentermine 30 mg. As for the men, they should take 130-160 g of protein powder, when using Phentermine pills in order to get some good weight loss.

Please note that protein powder used with Phentermine does not replace the main meal. In anti-obesity therapy by means of Phentermine drug, patients should take protein nutritional supplements only after workouts. There is one exception: whey protein is recommended to use before bedtime.

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