Phentermine affects pregnancy

Nowadays, weight loss pills Phentermine base are contraindicated for pregnant women, nursing mothers and adolescents under 16 years old (under 12 years old in Australia). In addition, Phentermine is not recommended for use in elderly people (over 65 years old).

Pregnant women were not involved in Phentermine clinical trials. Therefore, all the consequences for women and fetus after the application of this drug are unpredictable and potentially hazardous. There is an opinion that Phentermine can slow down the fetal growth.

Phentermine weight loss pills must never be used throughout the entire pregnancy period. Usually, pregnant women develop hypersensitivity to any medications and other chemical compounds. Women should consult a doctor and think twice before taking even over-the-counter drugs.

Because of pregnancy, women’s endocrine system becomes weak, increasing the stress on the internal organs (for example liver and kidneys). Medications, used during pregnancy, can affect the placental circulation and maternal-fetal metabolism.

Women must know that the first 90 days are the most important for fetal growth. During this period, the main human systems and organs are begin forming; therefore, pregnant women should refrain from the use of any medications, including Phentermine.

The ability of medications to affect embryonic development is called teratogenic effect. Phentermine is included in the list of drugs that can cause teratogenic effect. Animal tests have revealed that in some cases, Phentermine can affect the fetal growth. However, it doesn’t mean that this medication will provide the same effect on people.

Even if we assume that Phentermine weight loss pills do not cause negative effect on the fetal development, there is still one reason why pregnant women cannot take Phentermine – no weight loss is recommended during pregnancy.

Women, who eat little, are at high risk of having underweight baby. Besides, it is not the worst thing that can happen if not eating enough. The macro- and microelements deficiency hinders a normal growth of a child, causing physical or mental deviation and changing the metabolism.

In fact, Phentermine weight loss pills reduce the appetite, resulting in both malnutrition and lack of nutrients in the human body. In pregnancy, malnutrition is even more harmful than overeating. Hence, there is no point to take Phentermine during pregnancy. Besides, you can always start or continue the anti-obesity therapy with Phentermine after pregnancy.