Can I use nicotine patches while taking Phentermine?

Active or passive smoking is not recommended while using weight loss pills Phentermine. Smoking can increase the blood pressure, heart beat and sometimes, may even cause necrosis of the heart muscle and acute violation of cerebral circulation.

Can I use nicotine patches while taking Phentermine?

Usually, heavy smokers find it very difficult to quit smoking straight away. To cure the nicotine addiction, some nicotine patches are used. In fact, nicotine patches are not contraindicated for use during the therapy by means of Phentermine weight loss pills.

Nicotine patches have been used for over 30 years now. Nicotine patches contain low doses of pure nicotine. Using the nicotine patches, people can lessen the number of cigarettes they smoke throughout a day and in the end, they can completely stop smoking.

Smoking causes both physical and psychological dependence. While using Phentermine, a sharp smoking cessation may cause or worsen such side effects as sleeplessness, tremor of extremities, retching, weakness, malaise and overreaction to stimuli.

But this doesn’t mean that you cannot quit smoking while using Phentermine weight loss pills. Phentermine can be more effective if such alkaloid as nicotine is missing in the patient’s body.

During the therapy by means of Phentermine, nicotine patches are recommended for patients with strong nicotine addiction. Active substance Phentermine can itself cause high blood pressure, so refusal of nicotine reduces the risk of cardiovascular side effects.

Patient, who uses weight loss pills Phentermine, must stick nicotine patches on different parts of the body. This simple rule helps avoiding such side effects as redness and irritation of the skin.

If you want to take a nicotine replacement therapy along with weight loss therapy prior to buy Phentermine online, consult a physician. You can buy Phentermine weight loss pills online in the UK and get a free advice of a pharmacist any time convenient.

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