Phentermine and birth control pills

Phentermine weight loss tablets must not be used at all stages of pregnancy. This may have a negative impact on physical and mental development of a child. Hence, women of reproductive age are recommended to use contraceptives throughout the whole period of using Phentermine.

When using Phentermine, the main criteria of choosing a contraceptive must become the reliability and lack of drug interactions. Thus, hormonal birth control pills have proven their efficacy since the second half of the last century.

Most part of the modern birth control pills contain progesterone and estrogen hormones. Application of progesterone and estrogen is not a contraindication for use of Phentermine weight loss tablets. If use them correctly, the efficacy of birth control pills is 99%.

Note that birth control pills do not affect anorexigenic effect of Phentermine and for most women they are safe.

Besides, a combined use of birth control pills and Phentermine improves the common state of the body and reduces the risk of colon cancer and ovarian cancer.

Combined birth control pills affect the level of estrogen in a woman’s body and prevent ovulation. To prevent unwanted pregnancy, women can use such combined birth control pills as:

  • Kariva,
  • Aranelle,
  • Desogen,
  • Micronor,
  • Ortho-Novum,
  • Levora,
  • Balziva,
  • Portia,
  • Ogestrel,
  • Ovcon,
  • Femcon,
  • Junel,
  • Enpresse.

When women use Phentermine weight loss tablets and hormonal birth control pills, they may have such side effects as headache and pain in the neck, increase of abdomen, nausea, vomiting, painful sensations in breast and swelling of ankles.

The application of Phentermine reduces the appetite and may cause high blood pressure. In addition, birth control pills can affect the cardiovascular system. Therefore, some women using Phentermine and birth control pills might have such side effects as intermittent bleeding.

Usually, the occurrence of side effects does not require discontinuation of birth control pills or Phentermine weight loss tablets. Most of the side effects persist for a short time, disappear on their own and do not require medical intervention.

Before you buy Phentermine, please read carefully the information on possible risks this CNS stimulant may cause.

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