Phentermine with AntaGolin

Obesity affects the body functions and causes different disorders preventing weight loss.  Moreover, diseases such as diabetes or prediabetes caused by obesity can lead to an even greater accumulation of extra pounds.

To lose weight, people with high blood glucose, whose BMI is more than 27 can be recommended to use:

  • Phentermine is a drug that suppresses appetite and helps to lose weight.
  • AntaGolin is a natural dietary supplement that helps reduce blood sugar level.

It should be noted that Phentermine is a prescription anti-obesity drug. Phentermine should not be used with any drugs, as well as with food supplements without first consulting a doctor.

Food supplement AntaGolin helps stabilize blood sugar level. As a result of anti-hyperglycemic action, the rate of burning of stored fats may increase. A combination of Phentermine with AntaGolin can help stably lose weight and increase insulin resistance. However, if patients have normal blood sugar level and insulin is produced in the body in a normal amount, they should not use AntaGolin. As you know, insulin is a hormone regulating metabolic and biochemical pathways that control the amount of blood sugar, as well as metabolic rate. When the body gets more sugar than it needs, it turns into fat.

Keeping a diet and physical activity combined with Phentermine and AntaGolin dietary supplement increases therapy effectiveness and provides the maximum weight loss. In addition, the combination anti-obesity therapy promotes:

  • improvement of health;
  • increase in «good» cholesterol level;
  • decrease in «bad» cholesterol level;
  • normalization of triglycerides level.

Food additive AntaGolin consists of natural ingredients, helping to increase the sensitivity of body cells to insulin. AntaGolin is a safe product. It does not affect the pancreas and hormonal system. In addition, AntaGolin has almost no side effects.

It is recommended to begin the anti-obesity combination therapy with one Phentermine 30 mg pill in the morning on an empty stomach. Patients should take 1-2 tablets of AntaGolin dietary supplement three times a day during meals.

During the combination therapy, a patient should constantly monitor the blood sugar levels. This might reduce the risk of hypoglycemia.

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