Phentermine and Alcohol Side Effects

Alcohol can change pharmacokinetic effect of most medications and can even make them toxic. Well, Phentermine diet pill is no exclusion. It is not recommended to use alcohol with Phentermine for some reasons.

Phentermine and alcohol: Impact on the central nervous system (CNS)

Some people believe that alcohol provides stimulating effect on the CNS and the brain. But in fact, it provides inhibitory effect on the CNS instead of stimulation.

Alcoholic intoxication is nothing more than an alcohol poisoning of the brain.

Phentermine diet pills provide a strong effect on the CNS, and thus during the use of Phentermine people must not take some CNS stimulants or alcohol (ethanol).

A combined use of Phentermine and alcohol drink may cause the following CNS side effects:

  • Constant or uncontrolled feeling of fear and anxiety;
  • Difficulty falling asleep and bad sleep;
  • Emotional instability and misbehavior;
  • Temporal loss of consciousness because of poor blood supply in the brain;
  • Bad mood and aversion to any activity.

The most severe CNS side effects when using Phentermine diet pills and alcohol are aggressive behavior, confusion and hallucinations.

Phentermine and alcohol: Effect on the cardiovascular system (CVS)

During the use of Phentermine, the effect of alcohol on the CVS may vary, so it is difficult to predict. Because alcohol can increase the blood pressure, raise the heartbeat and affect the blood circulation in the body.

However, Phentermine diet pills can also increase the blood pressure and affect the blood flow. Therefore, the combined use of Phentermine and alcohol may cause severe cerebral circulation impairment and irreversible necrosis of the heart muscle.

Phentermine and alcohol: Effect on the liver

Frequent alcohol consumption affects metabolism and functions of the internal organs. Some people believe that alcohol provides the most negative effect on the liver. It is a fact that the liver is very sensitive to the toxic effect of ethanol, found in any alcoholic beverage.

Most part of Phentermine active substance is excreted in the urine and feces unchanged. Nearly 15-30% of Phentermine is metabolized in the liver. As for alcohol, it is almost 100% of ethanol metabolized in the liver. Therefore, the liver is at great stress and a person may have severe side effects when using Phentermine diet pills and alcohol together.

If you abuse alcohol and you need a prescription for Phentermine, you must be aware that this drug is contraindicated to people with history of alcohol addiction.

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