Phentermine Alternatives

Not all the categories of obese and overweight patients are recommended to use Phentermine weight loss tablets. Phentermine is a prescription drug. Therefore, many patients require an anti-obesity treatment for some Phentermine alternatives.

Phentermine is designated for a short-term use only and doctors do not recommend it for use within more than 12 weeks. In three months of Phentermine use, not every obese patient can reduce extra weight significantly.

These kinds of patients are recommended to use some alternative drugs.

In addition, Phentermine weight loss tablets may cause cardiovascular and nervous system side effects. Therefore, Phentermine can not be used if you have high blood pressure, sounds or abnormalities in the heart, severe depressive disorders and allergy to this drug. If you do not tolerate Phentermine or if you have contraindications to its use, you can substitute it for other weight loss drugs.

Xenical is a weight loss drug, its effect is to block fats absorption that enter the body with food.

Its active substance is a gastrointestinal lipases inhibitor Orlistat.

This drug works only in the gastrointestinal tract, is not absorbed into the systemic circulation and does not affect the appetite.

An active substance of Slimex is a centrally acting anorectic Sibutramine. This drug stimulates the saturation center and inhibits the hunger center located in the central nervous system. As a result, appetite is reduced and the amount of food consumed decreases. An increase in thermogenesis and energy expenditure are some more Slimex effects.

Dosage form: oral capsules.

Saxenda is a new anti-obesity drug, unlike others.

An active substance is an analogue of human glucagon-like peptide-1 Liraglutide.

Saxenda activates the brain areas that regulate appetite, thereby helping to suppress hunger and feel full with a small amount of food.

Qsymia is a combined anti-obesity medicine that contains two active substances at once: anticonvulsant Topiramate and appetite suppressant Phentermine. Topiramate reduces sugar and carb cravings, Phentermine helps control appetite and feeling of hunger. Qsymia assists the person to feel full with small portions of food for a long time.

Dosage form: solution for subcutaneous use in multi-dose pens.

Dosage form: oral capsules.

Another effective combination drug is Mysimba. This medicine contains an opioid receptors antagonist Naltrexone and an antidepressant Bupropion. This drug works in the brain, suppresses appetite and prevents overeating. Mysimba evokes feelings of well-being and helps to control cravings for sweets and for constant snacks.

Dosage form: prolonged-release tablets.

Alternative drugs can be as effective as Phentermine weight loss tablets in obesity treatment. In pharmacological treatment of obesity, many medications are used and all of them have different effect on the human body.

Usually alternative weight loss drugs can:

  • stimulate weight loss in a short-term or prolonged application;
  • reduce hunger effectively both before, during and after meals;
  • burn fats and increase thermogenesis significantly;
  • improve metabolism and take part in energy balance of the body.

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