Adipex Retard Review

Adipex Retard is a popular brand under which Phentermine is sold in the Czech Republic. Adipex Retard was approved for production and distribution at the Czech market on September 19, 1991.

Gerot Pharmazeutika is the owner of the rights to manufacture and distribute Adipex Retard at the pharmaceutical market of the Czech Republic.

Adipex Retard is available as soft modified release capsules. Adipex Retard capsules have some distinctive features, including:

  • size of 9 mm;
  • oval shape;
  • lack of markings;
  • solid opaque shell of yellow color.

Adipex Retard capsules contain 75 mg of Phentermine resin that is equivalent to 15 mg of this active ingredient in its pure form. Adipex Retard is available in PVC-PVDC / aluminum blisters containing 30 or 100 capsules.

Unlike most other anorectics containing Phentermine, Adipex Retard is produced only in one therapeutic dose – 15 mg. This dose of Adipex Retard should be taken once daily for effective weight loss.

However, if 15 mg of Adipex Retard is insufficient to effectively manage appetite throughout the day, this dose can be increased to a maximum of 30 mg per day that is equivalent to two capsules.

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