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This online information resource was created for each person, who has been trying hard to lose weight with little success, and considers drug therapy as the primary method of anti-obesity treatment.

Especially for you, we have prepared a detailed overview of the best weight loss drug Phentermine, and comparative reviews of other slimming drugs that have ever been sold in pharmacies.

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Our authors are experts in the use of food and nutrition to lose weight and maintain a healthy weight. They have sufficient knowledge and skills to provide expert evaluation of different types of diets, and tell you about the most difficult meal plans in simple, clear and plain words.

If you want to share your Phentermine success story, or you have any questions for the published reviews, don’t hesitate to ask them, and we will post the answers in one of our next reviews.

You can address our authors right now, or contact them any time you wish.Lisa BlakeVast experience in helping people fight excessive weight and obesity, often accompanied with diabetes, makes Lisa a perfect advisor. Check out how this Certified Diabetes Educator helps people lose weight effectively thanks to her scientifically based low-carb diet plans and individual approach. If you find it boring to spend hours in the gym, Lisa will help you transfer your exercise routine into the heart of nature and will make them as effective, as possible. Her weight management motto is: “Blend it all: healthy eating + long walks + cardio + strength + flexibility, and you get a perfect recipe for achieving your weight loss goal”. Enjoy your fight with obesity with Lisa’s tips and tricks.MIA MONSONMia Monson, a Registered Dietitian, knows what, how, when and how much you should eat to lose weight fast. Are you ready to give yourself a good kick and start working really efficiently to achieve your weight loss and muscles building goal? Here she is – the one that will go all the way together with you! Mia is a real traveler, both around the globe and in the world of sport nutrition. Building her experience based on the healthy eating knowledge of various countries and cultures, she knows what to offer you for achieving a perfect body. Her own food habits and style of exercising make up a great example of how you will look like, once you start your weight loss travel with her.Jay WaltersCertified  personal trainer and fitness professional  with almost 20-year expertise in the field of health and fitness welcomes you to your new life. Start changing your own self without stressing your body with unnecessary loads and inefficient food restrictions. Individual approach mixed with innovative developments for your health and fitness will promote a fast and sustainable weight loss. “I am not here to help you lose weight for wearing a short dress to the party next week. I am here to help you learn live your life to the fullest and keep your body in the best shape you could ever dream of!” Let’s create the new you with your personal diet and exercising plan that help you forget about extra kilos for a lifetime.NICOLE HARTNicole Hart ia a certified sports nutritionist from the International Society of Sports Nutrition. Her scientific degrees helped him build a strong base for further developments and intertwining healthy eating habits and exercises into a perfect formula for weight loss and bodybuilding.