Losing weight quickly, gaining weight quickly

8 rules for a truly effective weight loss

Spring increasingly insinuates that the hot season will arrive really really soon and it’s high time to take the dresses and light blouses out of the closet. And this is the point when almost each of us clutching at the head, convulsively probing the sides and googling “lose weight urgently”. Yet the express weight loss diets end, while weight stubbornly returns to its place. What to do?

You will have to change your lifestyle

Of course, you can use any short-term slimming diet and quickly get rid of a couple of kilograms. But those, in whom excess weight exceeds the boundaries of the reasonable amounts, should note that, according to the observations of nutritionists, kilograms that you lose very fast come back just as quickly and even bring some friends.

If you are determined to lose weight, you will have to accept the fact that you need to change your lifestyle, and not diet a hundred thousand times a year.

lifestyleYes, yes, you will have to:

1. count calories,
2. exercise,
3. forget about fast food,
4. only sometimes pamper yourself with delicious treats.

Plan your menu

Plan your menuRunning home from work, thinking about what to eat fast is a bad idea.

It is much better to plan your menu for a week beforehand, on Sunday.

  • Firstly, it will give you confidence on your way to a weight loss.
  • Secondly, it will not let you get off this road.
  • Thirdly, you will know exactly what time you should have your lunch and dinner, and what exactly you need to eat.

Skipping meals and starvation lead to a collapse. Your body thinks that everything is gone, the food has ended forever and begins to collect fat from everything that gets caught.

Apple test

Once you start eating correctly, old habits make themselves felt. You want to eat! Even when you had lunch half an hour ago. Do not give in to it. Take the apple and look at it carefully. You don’t want it? Doesn’t the apple seduce you? Means, you are not hungry.Perhaps you are tired, not getting enough sleep, sorry, angry, and habitually want to “eat up” this condition. Place the apple on the table in front of you. Once it becomes attractive and tasty – you can have a snack.


Going to the gym is definitely the best solution. Fitness, yoga, strength loads. But a working family woman finds it so difficult to find time for herself. The only way out is to cut some time in the early morning or late evening.

WalkSo, the scientists found out that:

  • in the morning, you can intensively burn fat in the gym
  • in the evening, you can boost your metabolism in the gym.

Specialists of the American College of Sports Medicine found that a 20-minute morning training is identical in effectiveness to a 40-minute afternoon workout.

If you can not force yourself to go into the gym, just walk. Get off the bus a couple of stops before your stop. Get a dog, in the end! Then you definitely have to bend while wiping off the puppy’s puddles, and you will definitely be incapable of just standing in one place on the street.

Lose weight with your friends

No, not with Carrie, who spends half her life in the gym and demonstrates such coveted six-pack abs. Better do it with Mary, who lives next door and also complains of excess weight. You can go to the gym together, encourage each other, find a cafe with the lowest calorie salads. And yes, walk with your dog!

Change the atmosphere at the table

Of course, there is nothing more pleasant than a dinner with your favorite TV series on the background. Time flies unnoticed and food also flies unnoticed into your mouth.By the way, about the size. Studies have shown that almost all people, both athletic and full, play down the amount eaten by 2-30%.

Get a good sleep

Get a good sleepAnd stop smiling sadly right now. Fatigue provokes an increase in the level of cortisol, which is a stress hormone.

This hormone makes you wish to eat something high-calorie, such as a hamburger, to make up for the energy deficit and get rid of stress. And there you go, farewell, broccoli, hello, hamburger!

Lack of decent sleep leads to a decrease in the hormone leptin. Namely this hormone is responsible for the feeling of saturation.

Weigh In

There is nothing more inspiring and motivating than the melting kilograms. And remember that your weight brakes before you have your period. It can even slightly increase. The body simply tries to gain more fat to ensure a possible pregnancy.

These days, you have to keep your mouth shut and just in case, do not get on the scales. Well, not to get upset, of course.

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