6 simple ways to not eat after 6 PM

You want to learn not to eat at night, but still could not find time to do it?

Take advantage of one of our tips

Instead of a late dinner, have a workout. It will give you double benefits without any extra calories. Besides, hot shower after the workout will help your muscles relax and promote a sound night’s sleep.Feed your dinner to stray animals. Thus, you will do a good deed, and the routine weighing in the morning will surely raise your mood for the entire day.Go out with a guy you find an interesting person. A portion of flirting discourages appetite and replaces several hundred calories. Especially if it ends up in a night of passionate sex.Go for a long evening walk, and immediately get to sleep when you get back home.Clean the house. Unlike watching TV, you will not be able to constantly chewing something while you clean. And you will be so tired after it that you won’t even notice how you went to sleep. Besides, your house will be sparkling!If you are still unable to resist the desire to relax, watch your favorite TV series. Just make sure that your hands are busy while watching. Put things in order in your closet, iron clothes or learn to knit. Again, a double benefit from the evening.Do not indulge your desire and pursue the goal you set. Even if you will have to apply all previous methods one after the other. Remember that the most difficult thing is to start. In just 3 days, you will notice that your urge to eat before going to bed has vanished by itself.

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