Phentermine 40 mg

Phentermine is an efficient medication that is used for management of weight loss in patients with obesity. The medicine is also prescribed for overweight patients suffering from related health conditions, such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, heart issues, etc.

Phentermine is available in multiple dosages.

Treatment usually begins with a dose of 30 mg

Usually this dose is prescribed to patients with overweight or class 1 obesity.

40 mg is the biggest daily dose possible

Typically, this dose is used to treat severe obesity (class 2 or 3).

The dose of Phentermine 40 mg once a day provides a powerful anorectic action. It should be used in people with an extremely high body mass index.

Such dosing is even unavailable in a range of countries, including Singapore, Malaysia and others.

Dose of 40 mg is actively used to treat excessive weight in Australia and Hong Kong.

When using the maximum 40 mg dose, it is important to keep in mind that it produces the most drastic effect, thus, can influence some vital body functions. So, do not start taking the drug without a doctor’s prescription and supervision.

Before the treatment course, every overweight person must consult a healthcare provider. Inform your doctor about all the health conditions that you have and medications that you take to avoid a negative effect of the medication over important body functions.

The active ingredient Phentermine increases blood pressure, thus, the maximum dose of 40 mg is not recommended for people with:

  • Chronic uncontrollable high blood pressure.
  • Heart diseases and vascular pathologies.

Check Phentermine contraindications, precautions and drug interactions to ensure a safe and harmless treatment course with positive outcomes.

If Phentermine 40 mg is prescribed to overweight a patient, it means that he has no contraindications or other dangers of drug overuse.

If the maximum daily dose causes severe side effects that do not fade away, inform your doctor and lower it to 30 mg or 15 mg a day.

However, you should never change the dose on your own. If you have missed one dose, take it as soon as possible, though do not double the next scheduled one. Skip the missed pill if the next one is soon to be taken.

The medication misuse or overuse can cause multiple serious and devastating side effects, including allergic reactions, chest pain, increased blood pressure, fatigue, urinating problems, swelling, kidney, liver and heart disorders, etc.

The drug is available in the vast majority of pharmacies, as it is rather popular and demanded. You can also buy Phentermine pills 40 mg in online pharmacies, including under different brand names.

Weight loss pills that contain 40 mg of Phentermine are known as Duromine and Metermine. Anti-obesity drugs that contain a smaller quantity of Phentermine are available for sale under the names Adipex, Ionamin and Razin.

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