Reducing Phentermine Dose

Trying to get rid of extra pounds or obesity, some people are willing to take huge doses of medications, without thinking of consequences. But in fact, a self-increase of the dosage or a misuse of some medications is one of the common causes of hospitalization.

Negative effect from Phentermine diet pills may occur because it is used in high doses. It is typical that patients taking Phentermine 30 mg do not inform their physician about those allergic reactions or slight side effects they have. Later on, these body reactions to Phentermine either disappear or become even worse.

In some obese patients, Phentermine 30mg diet pills can cause severe side effects. These patients are recommended to use a minimal daily dose of Phentermine 15 mg.

Clinical studies of Phentermine show that not all obese or overweight patients can take Phentermine 30 mg. Phentermine dosage is adjusted in accordance with an individual tolerability and state of a patient.

Phentermine 15 mg diet pills are often prescribed to elderly patients. This happens because with aging, the body shape is changed and people gain extra weight.

Usually, people over 65 years old have weak vitality, impaired immunity, deterioration of body functions and systems, and thus the dose of Phentermine 30 mg is considered too high for them.

Reducing the dose from 30 mg to 15 mg is recommended to patients, having cardiovascular side effects from Phentermine. The dose of Phentermine 15 mg has smaller effect on the heart and circulatory system, and thus reduces the risk of side effects.

Phentermine 15 mg minimizes the risk of complications in patients with mild cardiovascular diseases. People with high blood pressure or irregular heart rhythm should take any dose of Phentermine with caution.

Apart from cardiovascular side effects, people using Phentermine 30 mg diet pills may have other side effects as well. Phentermine 30 mg may cause the following side effects:

  • Uncontrolled or frequent defecation;
  • Bad breath and dry mouth;
  • Pain in the head or chest;
  • Abnormal accumulation of fluid in the lower extremities;
  • Emotional instability or uncertainty in one’s abilities;
  • Temporal loss of consciousness that may cause falling.

Phentermine dosage can be reduced down to 15 mg, if a patient is taking some other medications. Thus, the number of negative reactions in the body may increase, if a patient uses antidepressants, antibiotics, painkillers along with Phentermine diet pills. To reduce the risk of negative reactions, a patient should tell his therapist about medications he uses, even those available without prescription.

Lately, many medical specialists have recommended to use drugs in a minimal dose. When using Phentermine 15 mg diet pills, the risk of being overdosed and side effects is low. Moreover, when people use small dose of Phentermine, the negative impact on the cardiovascular system and central nervous system is minimal.

Phentermine 15mg pills are sold under the different trade names. But if you want to get a prescription for Phentermine 15 mg, you need to undergo medical examination and make sure these slimming pills are not contraindicated to you.

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