Phentermine 30 mg

Advantages and Drawbacks

Irrespective of the dose, Phentermine is a well-known medication to treat excess weight in the most safe and reliable way. The medical course is commonly prescribed for patients with risk factors, such as heart problems, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, etc. The treatment affects the main body functions responsible for lipid digestions and fat burning. The drug influences the work of the central nervous system suppressing appetite. It also works as a potent stimulant that increases the amount of body energy consumed for the vital processes. Additionally, it is effective to boost metabolism, thus, making the course efficient and harmless.

water-weight-lossBefore taking Phentermine it is inevitable to consult a doctor. First of all, you need to ensure its safety in your particular case. Then, you need to receive the proper dose prescribed. And finally, the intake recommendations of the doctor are indispensable here. So, tell your doctor about all the medical conditions you have ever had and inform about the medications you are currently taking. This will eliminate the risk of negative impact of the drug on other important body functions.

Phentermine 30 mg is a frequently recommended dose to start obesity treatment with. However, it is prescribed mainly in cases of heavy obesity. This dose develops an optimal therapeutic effect in most cases. It is usually advised to take the medication in the morning an hour before or two hours after breakfast. Some minor side effects, such as anxiety, irritations, headaches, bad taste in mouth, sleeplessness, heart pain, nausea, dry mouth and stomach disorders may appear after a few first drug intakes, though it is a normal reaction of the organism to a new medicine. These reactions should disappear within 10 days of the treatment course. Consult your healthcare provider if the complications do not fade away or the condition aggravates.

The active ingredients of Phentermine 30 mg affect the work of separate brain areas, producing strong, long-lasting and desirable effects. However, a range of side effects connected with the operation of the central nervous system may occur. The most frequently appearing are insomnia, nervousness, anxiety, etc. Being a powerful medication, Phentermine contributes to multiple body functions, so it is inevitable to follow the doctor’s recommendations to avoid the drug misuse or overuse and all the side effects caused by these intake violations.

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